Review: Love Me
LOVE ME - Delaney Diamond
Garden Avenue Press
September 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEW: LOVE ME by Delaney Diamond is part of the Irresistible Husband Series. The reader knows from page one that corporate attorney, Axel Becker, fits the description of irresistible. He has a vacation fling with project manager, Naphressa St. James, that turns out to be much more. The passion is off the charts. Unfortunately for Axel, Naphressa withholds key information about herself, including her real name. The reader understands why as we continue with the story. Axel can’t get her out of his head and now no one else will do. The book builds to a climax in my mind right away because I couldn’t wait for Axel to find Naphressa again.

The two rediscover each other almost a year and a half later when they cross paths for work. Axel realizes that Naphressa has been within reach all along. He feels that their reconnection is meant to be and he’s not letting go. He is definitely a lawyer; He’s persistent and prepared to negotiate to get what he wants.

Ms. Diamond describes Axel as “dark and tempting, like some decadent treat.” He owns any room he enters and exudes confidence. He’s arrogant, but in a sexy way. This gives the reader the perfect visual. Axel also has a certain fixation that Naphressa just can’t seem to forget. Naphressa is confident, which shows in how she handles herself professionally and with Axel. He is ready for love, but Naphressa is dealing with loss and disappointment from a previous relationship and is unsure if she’s ready to move on.

There are many memorable scenes: I have to mention the quick getaway where Axel and Naphressa act like a couple newly in love, even though neither of them had expressed their feelings yet. Ms. Diamond touches on a bit of history, which I always appreciate, by mentioning the Gullah people. The main characters names are different and at the same time fitting. I love Naphressa’s relationship with her sister and family. The scene with her nephews is too cute. I also learned just enough about Axel’s friends Colton and Braxton to peak my interest to read the remaining books, which can be read in any order.

The plot of
LOVE ME pulled me in right away and I highly recommend it.

16th September 2020 |