Review: In Name Only
IN NAME ONLY - Sean D. Young
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August 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: IN NAME ONLY engages the reader in a romantic and intriguing tale that incorporates a tried and true romantic trope, the fake relationship. Cassaundra Moore, struggling event planner, and up and coming politician, Adam Simmons find themselves entering into an unconventional alliance that will be the catalyst that kickstarts matters of the heart. No doubt they have chemistry, but will it be enough to convince their families, friends, and the public that they are indeed a loving, happy couple?

Our hero and heroine find themselves in a tenuous relationship that is prompted by Adam’s campaign manager, Derrick “Spyder” Webb, who just happens to be Cassaundra’s cousin. Adam’s poll numbers are dipping as he makes a run for the Governor of Virginia. Apparently, a number of the women of the state believe Adam to be a bit of a ladies’ man and not serious Governor material. His chief opponent in the race never fails to hone in on that sound bite, and the importance of being a family man. What’s a promising young politician to do? He follows the plan of his insistent, fixer campaign manager, and it’s on and popping! How this “fake” relationship plays out is the heart and soul of this well-written story. Not only is this an appealing love story, but it also becomes a page-turner when we learn that someone is trying to destroy Cassaundra financially. The story flows well as it highlights both relationship and character development.

The side characters, that include family and friends of Adam and Cassaundra, do an excellent job of supporting and contributing to the intrigue of the story and the development of the main characters. However, there are some who make it their business to do the exact opposite. I won’t spill the tea in order to allow you to discover who these antagonists are. A big “Boo-Hiss” to them! Let me just say that the “showdown at the coffee shop” is a real eye opener. Great scene! The HEA is the stuff great romance stories are made of.

I enjoyed
IN NAME ONLY, and I highly recommend it for your reading pleasure. I look forward to reading Book #2 of the Love Connection Series.

15th August 2020 |