Review: Impromptu Seduction
IMPROMPTU SEDUCTION - Stephanie Nicole Norris
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August 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: The last Valentine brother of this eight-book series, Kyle Valentine, is a software engineer who is enraptured by the lovely borboleta, London Jones. What’s a borboleta? Sorry, unless you understand Portuguese, you will have to read the story. While Kyle proves to be quite a challenge for London, he cannot stop his growing desire to connect with her in every way possible. Ladies and gentlemen, creative writer, Stephanie Nicole Norris, breaks the sensual, sexy, steamy, OMG! meter when she penned this story. What a wonderful way to end a series!

The story opens in the very apropos country of Brazil. The Valentine’s family line has deep roots in Brazil. So, the Valentines and close friends travel there to witness the renewal of vows of Leslie and Bridgette Valentine, the patriarch and matriarch of the Valentine clan. Later in the story, London and Kyle return to Brazil for a romantic get-away. I must confess that my absolute favorite scene occurs in Rio De Janeiro. Ms. Norris has a mind-blowing gift for innovative sexy, romantic scenes. This particular one involves paragliding, and climaxes literally with a  view of the Rio sunset. I’ll just leave that right there.

While there are numerous romantic moments for Kyle and London, this story also includes some serious plot points that are jaw-dropping. Kudos to the way the author effectively incorporates them into the story.  No spoilers, but the grave subject matter that infuses the storyline raises it to an unexpected intense level.

While the side characters certainly contribute to the intrigue of the story and the development of the main characters, there is one minor character who takes center stage and receives the coveted “Boo-Hiss Award” for his devious and deceptive persona. I am going to allow you to discover who this person is, because the scene where everything comes to a heart-stopping climax is going to have you clutching your pearls. Those Valentine brothers do not play. What a “WOW” scene!

IMPROMPTU SEDUCTION is an entertaining and engaging story, and I recommend it. I also recommend the entire eight book series that chronicles the Valentine brothers (who are sextuplets) and their family and friends. You will not be disappointed, and you can thank me later!

15th August 2020 |