Review: Hurricane Love
HURRICANE LOVE - Keith Kareem Williams
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April 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW:  HURRICANE LOVE has the distinction of being the only story of the fourteen book Carnivale Chronicles series to be penned by an African American male author. Keith Kareem Williams identifies his writing as “Alternative Urban Fiction”. For this series, however, he displays his versatility by delighting the readers with an engaging Contemporary Romance. HURRICANE LOVE provides a keen insight into the lives of two people who love each other, separate, and find each other again. There’s no doubt that Rowan and Gwen, the hero and heroine of the story, are lovers. We meet them in the Prologue at the Chi Flavor Afro-Caribbean Carnivale having a rocking good time. Rowan and Gwen’s love-making is sensuous and explosive. Yet, after a heart-breaking decision, the couple go their separate ways. The heart and soul of the story is activated by the separation.

The setting shifts from Chicago to Jamaica, Rowan’s family homeland. He now lives in New York, but he is summoned by his family to return to Jamaica, ASAP. I’ll let you discover why. Gwen, influenced by the revelry and exhilarating ambiance of the Chicago Carnivale, decides to experience Carnival in Jamaica. Besides, she is past due for a much-needed vacation. Ironically, Rowan and Gwen find themselves in Jamaica at the same time. The scene where they accidentally meet is golden. I love the Jamaican setting of this story because it is so authentic. It is clear that this prolific author has first-hand knowledge of the Jamaican culture. It’s a perfect blend of the “tourist” Jamaica meets the “native” Jamaica. From the Jamaican patois to the featured local spots, the reader gets a real feel for the island accompanied by a hurricane event that is epic.

The side characters are primarily composed of Rowan’s eclectic circle of family, friends and associates who help to move the storyline along. The HEA is satisfying and literally filled with rays of sunshine. You’ll get that when you read the story.

I enjoyed
HURRICANE LOVE, and I recommend it. It’s an arresting story that presents an impressive glance at another culture with a perfect mix of love and romance.

23rd April 2020 |