Review: Hopelessly Ever After
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May 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: By Book #2 of Once Upon A Baby Series, the reader is well aware that the besties, Ava, Mac, Ryleigh, Raven, and Quinn are once again involved in a friend’s challenge that will change their lives forever. We are back in Rosewood Heights, South Carolina, the town where their friendship began. Quinn, the initiator of the “Best Friends Challenge”, comes up with another one. Now that the ladies have successfully passed the marriage challenge, they all find themselves being challenged again; this time by Ava. Four words, “Baby Bump Boot Camp”, set the tone for this entertaining story.

What in the world is “Baby Bump Boot Camp”? I’m going to allow you to discover what happens to our accident-prone heroine, Quinn Jacobs-Wolfe and her husband, Paxton after such an experience. Paxton’s backstory has a great influence on how he feels about this latest challenge that Quinn and her girlfriends have accepted. The heart and soul of the storyline revolves around Pax coming to grips with his troubled past in order to move forward and continue his new life with the love of his life. Will he be able to fulfill her one wish? While Pax and Quinn find themselves stuck at the proverbial crossroads, their love life moves in a steady sensual flow that will appeal to your romantic sensibilities. What a hot couple! I love the way talented author, Angela Seals, resolved this couple’s conflict. It was realistic and relatable. The HEA is the best! It will leave you all warm and fuzzy.

The primary side characters, Quinn’s longtime girls, are instrumental in helping to move the storyline along. They contribute depth to the enjoyable story and its development.

HOPELESSLY EVER AFTER is a delightful quick read. I recommend this story and the other three books in their series. Read them in order. It’s a great way to spend the time while you are sheltering in place. Enjoy!

25th May 2020 |