Review: Her Little Secret
Rose Gold Press

January 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEW: Paityn Young is a sex therapist who has ventured out to a new city and is exploring the adult toy business. It’s a fresh start of sorts. As a favor to his boss, who is also Paityn’s godfather, Bishop Lang is the consultant who is tasked with helping Paityn get her business started. Paityn is expecting someone her godfather’s age, not “Mr. Dark and Sexy”. The way Ms. Wright describes the first impressions of the main characters has the reader eager to learn more about them.

Paityn and Bishop have a problem. How are they going to work together when they are obviously attracted to each other? A particular discussion about Paityns business is interesting to say the least. Anytime you mix two people attracted to each other and adult toys, there will of course be sexy banter and flirting. Ms. Wright has presented Paityn as a heroine who is a sexually confident, boss one minute, and a bit flustered, thanks to how Bishop makes her feel, the next. One characteristic that is consistent in Ms. Wright’s books is her sense of humor and witty comments that make the reader chuckle, and in some cases laugh out loud.

Bishop has experienced loss and is focused on re-centering himself. The therapist in Paityn causes her to dig deeper to connect with Bishop. He lets his guard down about issues he’s dealing with and why he is single. One quote worthy line is: “My vibe is too dope to give my energy to anybody.” Paityn definitely goes for what she wants. There is a bit of role reversal, which works considering Paityns profession and her goal to empower women, including herself, to take control of their body.

A relationship issue Ms. Wright highlights is how fear and past hurts cause people to potentially mess up a good thing. The reader gets to see how this will play out.

There is a strong group of secondary characters. Bishop’s Mom is a counselor and confidant. I really enjoyed Paityns relationship with her sisters and good friend. Their different personalities leads to all kinds of advice!
HER LITTLE SECRET is the first book I have read in the Women of Park Manor Series, and I highly recommend it

6th Feburary 2020 |