Review: Her Forbidden Fantasy
Rose Gold Press

January 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: HER FORBIDDEN FANTASY takes on a more dire tone than the previous books in the series that I have read. The heroine, Skylar (Sky) Johnson, an FBI recruit is battling a critical issue as she goes through FBI training. Her trainer, Special Agent Kareem Hawks, is attracted to and distracted by Sky as they make an attempt to keep their interactions strictly by the FBI code of conduct. Good luck with that!

As in the previous books, the Prologue brings Sky and the other women of Park Manor together at a memorial service for Park Manor’s deceased door man, Buddy. However, Sky’s inebriated condition makes her stand out from Teegan, Kathi, Burgandy and Paityn. Although Sky swears that she is fine, one of the women recognize that she is anything but okay. I’ll let you discover who that person is. The last sentence of the Prologue has Sky asking a very important question concerning her future with the FBI that connects directly to what she is going through. To complicate matters even more, Sky and Kareem are hopelessly and undeniably attracted to each other. They can hardly get through a training session without lustful, forbidden feelings rising to the surface. Not only is Kareem’s job and reputation as a hard as nails trainer at stake, but Sky can also be thrown out of the program for fraternizing with a superior. While Sky is battling her own personal demons, Kareem is not issue free. As the saying goes, “Where there’s a will; there’s a way”.

Since the main characters are involved with the FBI, Ms. Seals treats her readers to some serious undercover surveillance and gunplay that adds a bit of tension to the storyline. Kudos to the author for including the unexpected action scene. I like how the story ended with an HEA that brought some realistic closure for both Kareem and Sky.

HER FORBIDDEN FANTASY is an enjoyable and engaging Novella, and I recommend it. I like the direction in which author took her story, and I think you will too. While I’m at it, I recommend for your reading pleasure the five novella Women of Park Manor series. Enjoy!

10th Feburary 2020 |