Review:  Her Essential Love
Rose Gold Press

January 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: Anita Davis and her author cohorts of Rose Gold Press have begun the new year with a stand-alone book series titled The Women of Park Manor. The first book up is HER ESSENTIAL LOVE by Anita Davis. This group of talented women stretched out from their usual Mid-West locale to the West Coast and set these stories in a modern complex of apartments and businesses called Park Manor located near the Santa Monica Pier. In HER ESSENTIAL LOVE, Teegan Royal, a shop owner whose specialty is natural remedies and essential oils, finds herself at odds with progressive lawyer, Kevin Chambers who also resides at Park Manor. Talk about opposites! Teegan is an earthy, sandal wearing, bohemian who opposes the changes she sees happening at her beloved residence. Kevin, not only supports the changes, but he also spearheads the changes. Opposites? Yes. Attraction? For sure.

I love the fact that the heroine, Teegan, is a proponent of naturalistic healing and the increasing popular use of essential oils to heal ailments. Her shop, Royal Essentials, also located on the Santa Monica Pier is a testament to Teegan’s unwavering faith in this lifestyle. However, this young entrepreneur is troubled because, with the addition of other businesses at Park Manor that cater to the physical well-being of people, her business is not thriving financially. This only adds to her dislike of the changes that have occurred at her beloved place of residence. It also adds to the animosity that is building between her and Kevin. However, in spite of all that negative energy that comes into play, the sexual energy between Teegan and Kevin is also very real. Author, Anita Davis cleverly lays out a storyline that not only resolves Teegan’s financial woes, but also helps to resolve some issues between the heroine and hero.

I also love the premise of this series, and I look forward to reading the stories about Burgundy, Kathi, Skylar, and Paityn, the other women of Park Manor. You will meet them in the Prologue of
HER ESSENTIAL LOVE. As far as the side characters in this story, the Stand-Out Side Character Award goes to the lovable Mrs. Whitten, the grandmotherly resident of the complex.

I enjoyed this compelling story. It’s a quick and totally engaging read, and I recommend it. Congrats to the lit ladies of Rose Gold Press, and I look forward to their future endeavors. In the meantime, grab a copy of
HER ESSENTIAL LOVE. You can thank me later.

21st January 2020 |