Review: Forbidden Promises
FORBIDDEN PROMISES - Synithia Williams
HQN Books
February 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Susan Plummer | RATING: A
REVIEW: The heart wants what it wants, even if this means your sister’s husband. Williams tackles this provocative topic in her new novel, FORBIDDEN PROMISES.
What do you do when you are in love with the man your sister just married? In India Robidoux’s case, she packs her bags and flees town chasing a career she could have pursued at home. Some years have gone by and India feels it is time to face her family and fears. It should be easy since she has had time to get over her brother-in-law, Travis Strickland and besides, he and her sister are now divorced. The plan for a brief visit is derailed when her brother requests her assistance with his latest career ambitions. To make matters worse, India realizes her feelings for Travis have not changed. However, he is still very much off limits. Pursuing a relationship with her sister’s ex seems like a major no-no!  Years earlier, Travis married out of obligation and in the process lost his true love. Now she is back and there’s no denying the pull towards India. Both must decide whether to fight for their chance at love but is it too late or worse; too taboo to pursue?
FORBIDDEN PROMISES has a multi-faceted plot and the nonstop development keeps it at an upbeat and engaging pace. India is a gifted musician although the oddball of the family. Travis is an attorney with a budding practice, but he can’t shake his roots from the wrong side of the tracks. They may be from different world’s but are kindred-spirits drawn to each other’s oddness. The rest of the cast is superbly crafted and adds to a compelling and intriguing story.
FORBIDDEN PROMISES is flush with realistic and gripping dialogue. India is full of passion, no matter with whom she is communicating. Travis is more guarded as he constantly straddles the fence between two worlds.
FORBIDDEN PROMISES is part of a series of novels by Williams with a South Carolina backdrop. However, each novel is an independent read featuring the story of a character from an earlier novel. I wholly-heartedly enjoyed this book and it is a pretty fast read. The title ties perfectly into the story because illicit actions did lead to wanting the forbidden. I was skeptical in the beginning of how any relationship between a woman and her brother-in-law could ever be written in a manner to win over readers but, Williams amazingly and, effectively illustrated why these lovers deserved their chance at happiness. FORBIDDEN PROMISES is another wonderful addition to the Robidoux Family series.
4th April 2020 |