Review: Five Minute Moments
SL Books
December 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell  RATING:  A
REVIEW:  Prolific writer, Sheryl Lister has released her contribution to the New Year Bae-Solutions Series. FIVE MIDNIGHT MOMENTS is a sexy, romantic six chapter treat that offers a new way of experiencing the “Midnight Hour”. Valencia Townsend and Dwayne Albright both work at Albright Financial Group, where Dwayne is the CEO. They are deeply involved in a steamy and romantic affair that is limited by an office policy that could cost Valencia her job. When we first meet our couple, they are just returning from a hot, romantic weekend get-away in Puerto Vallarta. (sigh) Now that they are back, they must face the cold realities of their unfortunate circumstances.

Dwayne is a man with a plan, and what a plan it is! No spoilers, dear readers! I am going to allow you to discover how Dwayne’s five midnight moves on his lady love, Valencia places him right up there with the most R.H.O.A.T. (Romantic Heroes Of All Times). Knowing that author Sheryl Lister is a music lover, I couldn’t help but remember a song by the late great R&B crooner, Wilson “Wicked” Pickett, In the Midnight Hour, while reading. If you are not familiar with the song, listen to it after you read the story. I’m sure you’ll get it!

For such a short story, there are some memorable characters. One being, Dwight Albright, Dwayne’s brother, an intriguing minor character. At the other end of the minor character spectrum is Shawna Baker and her cousin. Although the cousin does not actually appear in the story, she plays a major role in absentia. It’s a fitting plot twist, indeed. The HEA is everything!

Sheryl Lister’s
FIVE MIDNIGHT MOMENTS is the first story that I have read in this new series, each with a number in the title. [Side Note: You don’t have to read the New Year Bae-Solutions stories in numerical order.] I look forward to reading  other stories in this series penned by Nicole Falls, Sherelle Green, A.C.Arthur, Angela Seals, Kelsey Green, Yahrah St. John and Elle Wright, respectively. Stay tuned! In the meantime, I recommend FIVE MIDNIGHT MOMENTS for your reading pleasure. You can thank me later!

30th December 2020 |