Review: Evan's Heart
EVAN'S HEART - Keith Thomas Walker
May 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: EVAN’S HEART is a poignant story that will have you in your feelings. The hero, Evan appears to be living a reasonable idea of the American dream. He is a forty-two year old ad-man at a reputable company, and he’s good at what he does. Evan’s wife, Delores, is an assistant principal, and they have a daughter Sharelle, a college student. It’s a great life except for a couple of significant details.

Prolific author, Keith Thomas Walker, brilliantly unfolds Evan’s life that is in constant jeopardy of being cut short. The “Familiar Places”, the title of the first chapter, is Jackson Memorial Hospital and its “heart tower”. I am going to allow you to discover Evan’s predicament, his life-threatening medical condition, and how it affects his family, especially his wife. Mr. Walker is known for creating unforgettable characters, good and bad. I can say with certainty that Evan’s wife will never be nominated for “Wife of the Year”. You’ll understand that when you read the story. Since Evan is no stranger to the cardiac area of the hospital, he has established a friendship with some of the staff.  There is one nurse for whom Evan has a special fondness. Jada Kirkland, his nurse for the past eight years, has been assigned to Evan for continuum care. This time, however, the relationship between patient and nurse takes a turn that changes the course of their lives.

There were times when I wondered about the path that the author was taking the protagonist. It seems that Evan was going down-hill fast, and his wife was not helping the situation. Consequently, the story became a page-turner. Delores is acting a fool, Evan is fighting for his life, and Jada is defying hospital policies. The storyline is engaging and compelling.

The Epilogue is everything! It contains a HEA that is sure to tug at your heart strings. (No pun intended.) Thank you, Keith Thomas Walker for another arresting and well-developed story. I recommend
EVAN’S HEART for your reading pleasure.

25th May 2020 |