Review: Entangled Pursuits
Madaris Publishing
August 2020
Romantic Suspense
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A+
REVIEW: Brenda Jackson has done it again! ENTANGLED PURSUITS is a shoe-in to be recognized as a “must read” among the prolific romance stories in Mrs. Jackson’s arsenal. Toni and Drew’s story not only regales the readers with a stimulating story of second chance love, but also a page-turning murder mystery solved with some good old-fashioned detective work combined with new technological advances. While Detective Andrew “Drew” Logan is, without a doubt a man of action, his partner, Antonia “Toni” Oliver is right by his side as his very capable partner. Toni and Drew are engaged in pursuing a murderer, and at the same time, pursuing a love that was lost for five years.

The story opens with a joyous wedding scene where Stonewall Courson and Joy Ingram (
LOCKED IN TEMPTATION) are getting married. Both Toni and Drew are present, but there’s no interaction. Months later they find themselves working together as detectives for the Alexandria, Virginia Police Department. I’ll allow you to discover how that came to be. I will say, however, that Toni’s move to Alexandria serves as a catalyst for one of the intriguing subplots that fuels the storyline.

This story is a winning combination of much passion, murder, mayhem, and mystery. It’s a page turner from the Prologue to the last page. Talented Brenda Jackson puts her whole foot in this story that not only introduces us to some new characters, but also reunites us with a slew of old characters bringing us up-to-date with their current status. For those of you who have followed the Grangers and the Protectors, you are in for a treat! No spoilers. It’s just another facet of this story that will give you life. Kudos to Mrs. Jackson for providing those wonderful connections.

Speaking of connections, for the old school Brenda Jackson followers, does the name Duan Jeffries ring a bell? He’s another one of those special tidbits that she employs to connect characters and solidify the plot. You will also be introduced to new characters: Ryker Valentine, Locke Dangerfield, Shogun Duke, and Macayle Wasilla. Dakota Navarro (LOCKED IN TEMPTATION) also makes an appearance. I am almost sure that we will hear from some of them again with a story of their own. The minor characters all contribute to the intrigue of the story and the development of the major characters. Toni and Drew are a great couple who not only work well together to solve a hideous crime, but they also work well together in the bedroom. The HEA is perfection as the couple sets out to pursue their future together.

I love this story!
ENTANGLED PURSUITS is a strong start to a new series, and I recommend it! Because of the distinct connections to the connecting books in The Granger Series and The Protector Series, I hope you are caught up. If so, you are good to go. Happy reading!

29th August 2020 |
Award of Excellence