Review: Eight Naughty Nights
Silent N Publishing
December 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell  RATING:  A
REVIEW: EIGHT NAUGHTY NIGHTS is off-the chart good! Talented author, Nicole Falls, has written a “what happens on vacation, stays on vacation” story that will delight, entice and have you googling time-share exclusive villa resorts that promise ultra exotic pleasure. Yeah, that’s exactly what Octavia, our heroine, iss gifted by her good friend and co-worker, Adrianna. Definitely, in need of an extraordinary get-away, Octavia takes her best friend’s offer and heads to the beautiful Indulgence x Clandestine Resort. The name alone jumpstarts the imagination.

On the first of the “eight naughty nights”, Octavia, dresses in a sexy Mrs. Claus pajama outfit, and precedes on a mission, she tags as “Operation Get Some D**k”. Mission accomplished when she meets her counterpart dressed in sexy Santa garb that immediately gets her attention. They dance, and as the saying goes, “the rest is history”. We later find out sexy Santa’s name, Lance. You will enjoy Octavia and Lance as they make the most of their days and nights, agreeing to keep it “light, fun, and breezy”, and the nights hot, sexy, and steamy. I’ll let you discover if our couple can stick to their “it’s only a fling thing”.

While I enjoyed Octavia and Lance and their naughty eight-night romp at the resort, the storyline takes an unexpected and intriguing twist when they get back to their everyday business personas. I loved the turn of events that our couple find themselves involved. It’s a great piece of writing. Kudos to Ms. Falls!

EIGHT NAUGHTY NIGHTS is an enjoyable, sexy short story that can be read in one sitting. It’s a great compliment to the eight-book series, New Year Bae-Solutions. I recommend it and happy reading!

1st January 2021|