Review: Confession in B-Flat
Entangled Publishing
November 2020
Mainstream Fiction
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell  RATING: A+
REVIEW: Once again author Donna Hill applies her creativity and writing prowess to pen another noteworthy story that transports the reader to the Sixties when the Civil Rights Movement occupied the headlines of newspapers across this country. Led by the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the movement called for non-violence to bring awareness to the injustice that Blacks endured in this country. At the opposite pole of that struggle, with the emergence of Malcolm X, the call went out for Black people to fight injustice by “any means necessary”. Enter the hero and heroine of this engaging historical romance. Jason Tanner, a proponent of the Non-violent Movement of Dr. King and Anita Hopkins, a follower of Minister Malcolm X. Two young people with different philosophies, doing their part in the fight for rights of Black people, meet in Harlem, New York during the turbulent sixties.

In this story, Ms. Hill eloquently presents the reader with a history lesson and a love story that accurately and compassionately view the times through two people who each contribute their time and talent to the cause. Jason who hails from Atlanta, the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement, volunteers to  spread the word in the North by opening an office and recruiting soldiers for the movement “up North”. Anita is a Brooklyn native who lives and works in Harlem. She volunteers at the Action Network, a community-based organization when she is not waiting tables or reciting her spoken-word poetry at the B-Flat Lounge.  Although their views differ on the way people of color should achieve their rights, the differences do not stop them from falling in love. Their love journey is the heart and soul of this story. It is as real, and as passionate as the cause they believe in. A highlight of this book is the incorporation of photos, posters, and newspaper clippings that verify the historical aspect of the story. In addition to that, the original poetry recited by Anita, and the music of the era showcase the cultural experience. All of it comes together to give the reader an accurate and entertaining perspective of a critical time in the nation’s history.

The side characters, family and friends of the protagonists, do their part to add to the intrigue and  contribute to the development of the major characters. Through these minor characters, the importance of family is emphasized; whether it’s blood or community. The HEA is everything!

CONFESSIONS IN B-FLAT is set in the sixties and early seventies, it is a timely story for today. We are again at a pivotal time in our history where people of color are in a fight for their rights and their lives. This time will, without a doubt, be chronicled by photos, newspaper clippings and of course, music. In the meantime, I highly recommend CONFESSIONS IN B-FLAT for your reading pleasure. It’s an historically accurate account of a critical time in history and at the same time, a wonderful, passionate story of two people who lived and loved during that time. You can thank me later!

13th October 2020 |