Review: Claiming The Doctor's Heart
Entangled Publishing/Bliss
December 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Shirley Fleming | RATING: B+
REVIEW: In the small town of Clover Creek, Dr. Eric Bradley returns home to run his father’s medical clinic after his father suffers a stroke. Eric is not used to practicing in a small town; therefore, he feels like a fish out of water. He doesn’t understand that he needs to be more personable with the patients. Lucky for him, he has Holly Ransom to help him along the way. Working together in his father’s clinic draws them closer and before long love is in the air. The only problem is that Eric plans to leave Clover Creek in one month and he wants to take Holly with him. Holly refuses to leave her hometown and everything she knows. Therefore, Eric has to decide to either lose the love of his life or a career he worked hard to achieve.

Eric left his small town to pursue his dream in the big city of Atlanta. He finds himself at a crossroad when he returns to Clover Creek. He can’t decide where he wants to be. His indecisiveness weighs on him and almost cost him a bright future. Holly is a sweet young woman and she always has a sunny disposition no matter what goes on in her personal life. Near and dear to her heart is reopening her family’s bakery. She refuses to give up on continuing her grandmother’s legacy.

CLAIMING THE DOCTOR’S HEART is a story of a small-town romance. The story is well-written and the characters reflect the small-town mentality. I love the idea of a town where everyone knows each other. Families are what is most important and it shows in the citizens' interactions. When one of them hurt, they all hurt. Although, your patience can sometimes be worn down by gossip as it is in this story. The pacing is moderate and the story has a great plot. The communication between Eric and Holly is loving but I would like to have seen more tangible evidence of their love and attraction to each other. However, certain scenes do point in that direction. Nevertheless, the author has written a story depicting love, family, and the responsibilities that entail.

CLAIMING THE DOCTOR’S HEART is the first story in the Clover Creek Series. I enjoyed reading it. And I look forward to seeing what else is going on in this seemingly quiet town. Sometimes the best love stories can be found there. I can’t wait to see the mystery revealed between Holly’s mother and her two friends. Keep reading to see what this author has in store for other unsuspecting characters of Clover Creek.

11th December 2020 |