Review: Capture The Sunrise
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January 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Barbara Larnell | RATING: A+
REVIEW: If I had to create a list titled Timeless Love Stories, CAPTURE THE SUNRISE would definitely be on that list. First published in 2005 (pre-ebooks), talented writer, Wayne Jordan has re-gifted this captivating love story to Romancelandia. Set in his native country of Barbados, not only is the story infused with generous doses of Bajan culture, but it also serves as a perfect backdrop for a compelling love story between two people who are so deserving of a happily-ever-after. Alana Smyth-Connell and Taurean Buchanan find themselves sharing a beach house where they seek solace, peace, and a new beginning.

Both the heroine (Alana) and the hero (Taurean) are literary and figuratively running for their lives. The tension in the storyline increases as the reasons why they flee to Barbados are painstakingly revealed. The Prologue discloses why Alana with her daughter, Melissa, in tow, is almost in a frantic state as she travels to her birthplace with hopes of escaping from a horrific situation. Then there’s Taurean who is tormented by the tragic events in his life of the past seven years. A storm is raging literally and figuratively, and that metaphorical storm increases in strength through the novel. As this trio, Alana, Melissa and Taurean, cautiously take one day at a time to get to know each other, they form a bond that will eventually save them from outside and inner forces that threaten to destroy them. Kudos to this gifted author for his treatment of two serious, timely, and relatable issues that impact the main characters. In spite of the turmoil, the romantic motif between Alana and Taurean is ever present.

Not only will you be caught up in the intriguing storyline, but you will also learn so much about the Bajan culture and vibe. From the people and the markets, to the celebrations and historical sites, Mr. Jordan makes them come to life through his authentic descriptions. Speaking of the people, the Side Character Award goes to Bertha Gooding, the matronly neighbor who befriends the protagonists. Taurean’s family, the Buchanans, also play very compelling roles that help to move the storyline along. The scene when Taurean is reunited with his family is very touching. I love a story with a villain with no redeemable qualities. The Boo-Hiss Award goes to Blake Smyth-Connell. You will understand why when you read the story. The Epilogue that contains the HEA offers a sense of relief and total satisfaction.

I loved this story, and I highly recommend it for your reading pleasure. As I mentioned earlier,
CAPTURE THE SUNRISE was first published in 2005. If you missed it then, like I did, here’s your chance to read an updated version. You can thank me later!

10th January 2020 |