Review: Candidly Yours
Sinfully Sweet Publishing
April/May 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: CANDIDLY YOURS is a candid look at a combination of romance tropes that makes for a very engaging story. The heroine and hero are involved in a friends-to-lovers relationship as well as a May-December situation. Layla St. John and Quincy Johnston have known each other for years. Quincy and her younger brother, Nolan, were best friends growing up. Naturally, Layla always thought of Quincy as her little brother’s childhood friend, since she is ten years older. However, as fate will have it, when they meet again in this story, Layla does not see Quincy as a young boy, but a foine grown man.

Layla is a creative and talented clothes designer who longs to start her own clothing line. Quincy is a well-known photographer who teams up with Layla to help her fulfill her dream. Layla is also becoming known for her creative carnival costumes that are worn by those participating in the J’ouvert, “the huge street party that kicks off carnival celebrations.” Not only is
CANDIDLY YOURS an entertaining love story, but it also provides the reader with a glimpse of the carnival culture from Trinidad and the Bahamas to the Chi-Flavor Caribbean Carnivale in Chicago. It makes me want to add a Carnivale experience to my bucket list. While Layla and Quincy agree to a casual no commitment, no strings fling, the heat between them is intense. Their business agreement is thriving, but their love life is on life support. Also, there is that ageism thing that is always in the back of Layla’s mind, and family issues that both she and Quincy are dealing with. I love how author Reese Ryan so deftly resolves everything. The HEA is so heartwarming!

The families of Layla and Quincy play important roles in their development, and in helping to move the storyline along. Quincy’s brother, Nate, also appears in this story. Plus, he is featured in his own story,
PLAYING WITH TEMPTATION in the Pleasure Cove Collection.

CANDIDLY YOURS is another outstanding contribution to the Carnivale Chronicles Series. I highly recommend the books in this series written by a group of talented authors. It’s a fourteen-book series. What better way to help get you through this season of shelter-at-home. CANDIDLY YOURS, enjoy!

7th May 2020 |