Review: Beyond Ever After
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May 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEW: BEYOND EVER AFTER kicks off with Ryleigh Sullivan and her sexy husband Martin still hot and heavy, enjoying marital bliss. Her best friends are also at it again with their crazy challenges. While the friends and their husbands are attending the christening for Ava’s youngest daughter, Quinn has the bright idea to challenge them to get pregnant in the next year. As far-fetched as it seems, everyone, albeit reluctantly, and maybe from shock, agrees.

“The pact” makes Ryleigh and Martin realize there are certain things they didn’t discuss before marriage. Ryleigh’s not sure she will ever be ready for motherhood, but Martin is all in. He’s completely loyal to Ryleigh and will do anything for her. Will she do the same for him when it comes to kids?

Ryleigh has to face things from her past. I like how Ms. Wright puts an interesting spin on the issue. As we know from reading
BEYOND FOREVER from the Once Upon a Bridesmaid Series, Mama Lil (and those blueberry pancakes) are her source of peace. Unfortunately, comfort food won’t solve all her problems. Thankfully, Mama Lil is all-knowing and helps her get to the root cause of her issues.

Martin loves his wife and wants to gain understanding, but he’s frustrated. He seeks solace with his business partner and dear friend Carter Marshall and his wife Brooklyn. It’s good to get an update on one of my favorite couples from
The Wellspring Series.

The passion Ryleigh and Martin share is off the charts.  However, the realization hits that they have to work through conflict and deal with uncertainty together. Ms. Wright highlights that communication is key to a healthy, happy marriage.

Ryleigh and Martin both have friends and family that are wonderful support systems, and give the best advice. Ryleigh’s besties, including Blake, are a trip and a half but truly love and look out for each other. They definitely make her laugh when she needs to.

BEYOND AFTER EVER is of course a book about love, and also focuses on important issues. I love the cover theme, and highly recommend it, along with the entire series.

1st June 2020 |