Review: Behind the Scenes
BEHIND THE SCENES - Christine C. Jones
Warm Hues Creative
September 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Cheryl McNeil | RATING: A+
REVIEW: The story line of each book I’ve read by Christina Jones is fresh and unique. BEHIND THE SCENES is no different. Logan Byers is the organized, meticulous executive concierge who’s determined to be successful on her terms. Pierre Perry III is the creative writer who needs help bringing his show concept from “page to screen”. Professionally, they are a perfect match. Logan and Pierre are physically attracted to each other right from the start. Logan’s first reaction is “damn he’s fine”. Ms. Jones provides visuals throughout to make the reader feel the same way.

The title has a double meaning.
BEHIND THE SCENES refers to the TV industry and how Ms. Jones eloquently educates the reader about the process to bring a show from concept to completion. I enjoyed learning about the process. It also refers to Logan and Pierre peeling back layers and letting each other in their lives.

Once Logan realizes Pierre is her new client, she tries to get back on the right foot professionally. The great part about their personalities is they are laser focused on work and able to put their feelings in a “box”, at least temporarily. Pierre is more of a “do you” type of person and comes across as being nonchalant. He is also empathetic and can relate to what Logan is going through. She’s paving her way, despite what her parents have planned for her life.

Logan and Pierre have a natural connection and become so in tune with each other. The physical aspect is also on point! This connection is what Pierre needs to center him as he’s still healing from past wounds. Ms. Jones shows us the growth of Logan and Pierre, as individuals and together, even though things are not truly defined. They are both critical to each other’s success and the project helps them build confidence to take them to the next level in their careers. There are some
bumps in the road, but we know Logan and Pierre will figure it out.

BEHIND THE SCENES is one of my new favorites by Ms. Jones and it was an extra treat to read from both characters point of view. There are a lot of mentions from previous books that fans will appreciate. It was definitely good to get updates on Nubia and Stephen from Inevitable Seductions. Ms. Jones weaves in comedy and overall has a way with words that had me re-reading quite a few passages. I highly recommend BEHIND THE SCENES. 

12th October 2020 |