Review: Basketball & Ballet
BASKETBALL & BALLET - Suzette D. Harrison
SDH Books
June 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A+
REVIEW: OMG!  Yazmeen Williams and Tavares Alvarez get the Hot Couple of the Year Award! Hands down! From their first meeting in the first chapter, the heat generated between these two could have burned down the very room they were standing in. It was a sexual encounter of the very intense kind. The instant attraction that Yazmeen and Tavares feel toward each other goes from warm to scorching in sixty seconds. You just know they are headed for a sensual, heat laden, rock the bed sex scene sooner than later. But wait…what? Both Yazmeen and Tavares are saved, sanctified, and celibate. Well, shut the front door!

Yazmeen, a dance teacher and Tavares, a retired pro basketball player, meet at a birthday party for one of Yazmeen’s besties, LaVelle. Also present at the party is Yazmeen’s ride or die, Pearl Joy Matthews. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, I suggest you check out her entertaining story in Ms. Harrison’s book,
MY JOY (California Love Series, Book #1). You can thank me later. Tavares’ boy, Quinton Daley (and Joy’s man), invited Tavares to the party. Now, back to this hot as Hades, celibate, couple who are plagued with the most wretched exes that you can imagine. The well-developed storyline will have you smiling, guffawing, fanning, gasping, and clutching your pearls. The subplots that dot the storyline render tender family moments, expose out-of order family drama, and spotlight a couple who must realistically deal with their personal issues and convictions.

The humorous, sassy dialogue that talented author, Suzette D. Harrison, employs enhances the reading experience. There is never a dull moment in
BASKETBALL & BALLET. It is twenty-nine chapters of intense drama, spicy repartee, and relationship realness. Do Yazmeen and Tavares seal the deal? No spoilers! You will have to read the story to find out.

The eclectic cast of characters are everything! They run the gamut from sweet, precocious children, loving and tell-it-like-it-is family members, loyal friends, to bad-to-the-bone exes. Speaking of exes, “Thug-A-Mug” Royal is by far the most rude and crudest character I’ve encountered ever! No redeeming qualities at all. He definitely gets the “Most Hated Character” Award. One of the most intense scenes of the story involves a grave matter of child endangerment. Hold on to your pearls! Wait until you discover the true persona of one of the characters. It’s going to blow you away!

I love this story, and I highly recommend it.
The California Love Series is a winner! BASKETBALL & BALLET is an incredible entertaining read. Get your copy; you will not be disappointed. You can thank me later.

6th June 2020 |