Review: An Alaskan Twin Surprise
Harlequin Love Inspired
May 2020
Category Romance
REVIEWER: Wayne Jordan | RATING: A
REVIEW: AN ALASKAN TWIN SURPRISE by Belle Calhoune is the #2 book in the Home to Owl Creek Series. The book is a worthy follow-up to HER SECRET ALASKAN FAMILY and is the story of Rachel Marshall and Gabriel Lawson. Rachel has returned to Owl Creek to take care of her sick mother…but she returns with twin daughters in tow. Rachel and Gabriel have a history. Just before the wedding, Rachel left Owl Creek, leaving Gabriel standing alone.

The Rachel who returns to Owl Creek is not the same Rachel who left. Yes, she still has a fear of flying, rooted in the image of her father’s death in a plane crash and Gabriel’s own crash. But the Rachel who returns is also much stronger and able to deal with her relationships with the maturity that comes from experience. Returning to the close-knit community as a single parent does give rise to speculation, but she meets it head-on. Rachel not only has to deal with her relationship with Gabriel but the strained one with her mother.

Gabriel too must deal with his feelings. Since Rachel’s abrupt departure he has dealt with the pain of rejection. His love for Rachel was a strong one and now she has returned he is torn between his logic and his heart. Having him work to repair her mother’s house, only forces him to face his fears and his love for Rachel. He must also deal with the reality of the twins’ existence, the constant proof of Rachel’s rejection. In the end, however, the heart wins.

While this is Rachel and Gabriel’s story, we get an update of the characters from the first book. There is a wonderful feeling of community and Ms. Calhoune’s forte is the description of her characters and the vivid sense of place. The readers are made aware of Alaska’s cold climate but, flying high above the clouds, also offers a view of the stunning beauty of the Alaskan landscape. And did I say the twins are adorable?

AN ALASKAN TWIN SURPRISE is a heartwarming story of second chances. A part of Harlequin’s Love Inspired line, the main characters’ faith is an integral part of the story’s message, but the story is never bogged down by being over-preachy. At the end, I felt content that Rachel and Gabriel were finally getting their happily-ever-after. AN ALASKAN TWIN SURPRISE is a must read.

10th May 2020 |