Review: A Soldier Under Her Tree
Harlequin Special Edition
December 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell  RATING: A
REVIEW: I love Christmas romances, and author, Kathy Douglass, has penned a delightful story that incorporates a fake relationship, and family drama peppered with a pinch of dysfunction set during the Christmas season.  Hannah Carpenter and Russell Danielson star in this well-written story. The heroine, Hannah, is appropriately cast as the Scrooge-like character who becomes involved with Russell, who is determined to restore Hannah’s Christmas spirit. Needless to say, Russell has his work cut out for him all the while trying to deal with his personal struggles.

We are back in Sweet Briar, North Carolina, the setting for Ms. Douglass’
Sweet Briar Sweethearts Series. Hannah is the owner of a fashionable and popular designer boutique. She is not only popular with the town’s female population, but also a well-known designer to some prominent ladies of noteworthy celebrity. It’s Christmas time in Sweet Briar, and although Hannah’s shop, along with the town, is decorated with all the usual festive Christmas décor, she just wants the season to be over. Her backstory explaining her behavior is strategically revealed as the story unfolds. Russell is the ultimate hero because he arrives on the scene, declaring their “fake” relationship, just in time to rescue Hannah from a family confrontation. I love that scene! Speaking of family, Hannah’s family is a doozy. You’ll see when you read the story. As I mentioned earlier, Russell has his own demons to fight, from his service in the military, as he fights for his lady love. However, the hurts and disappointments of their previous lives are critical hurdles that they must defeat before they can have a future together. Hannah and Russell’s love journey is the heart and soul of this story.

I love the character connections from prior Sweet Briar stories that appear in this story. If you are a follower of this series, then you will recognize Carmen Shields-Knight and Raven Reynolds-Cordero, just to name a couple. The side characters contribute to the intrigue and development of the major characters. Speaking of characters, Hannah’s mother, Eleanor Jones-Carpenter-Halloran-Spikes (that name alone should give you a hint about her), her sister Dinah, and Hannah’s ex, Gerald, get the Boo-Hiss Award. Trust me on this. The HEA is merry!

A SOLDIER UNDER HER TREE is an enjoyable and entertaining story, and I recommend it for your reading pleasure. It’s a wonderful holiday story! Merry Christmas!

1st December 2020 |