Review: A Private Affair
Harlequin Dare

January 2020
Catagory Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: A PRIVATE AFFAIR welcomes the reader to the world of fashion where the rivalry is real, and the enemies are treacherous. For this compelling story centered around the fashion industry, prolific writer A.C. Arthur introduces us to Riley Gold, fashion executive for her family’s company, RGold Fashion. Riley finds herself constantly in the spotlight and the spokesperson for her family’s company. However, being at the top is a fragile position, and RGF’s chief rival, headed by the young dynamic social media mogul, Chadwick “Chaz” Warren is a clear and present danger. This story presents an engaging glimpse into the fashion industry, the rivalry, the secrecy, the media, and how it affects their private lives.

I liked this story because it depicted a woman executive at the top of her professional game but struggling with her personal life. It doesn’t help that she is attracted to the one man who is dubbed as her family company’s number one enemy. Chaz, though not as entrenched in the fashion world as Riley, is a part of that world due to his ties to King Designs, the fashion company run by his uncle. The clever way the author utilizes familiar romance tropes, enemies-to-friends and business rivals, is another reason that makes this story so appealing. The chemistry between Riley and Chaz is off-the-charts! So much so that they can not stay away from each other. What starts out as a 24-hour “private affair” turns into a whole lot more. There’s a scene where Chaz arranges a clandestine meeting with Riley at an unknown address that is crazy sexy. You’ll see for yourself when you read the story.

The Gold-King feud perpetuated by Chaz’s uncle and Riley’s Dad acts as a secondary plot line that serves the story well. As secondary characters, Riley’s father, Ron, along with her brothers, and Chaz’s “Unc” Tobias, take the fashion week rivalry to a whole other level. Nevertheless, the HEA is sweet.

Author A.C. Arthur successfully creates a patchwork of steamy romance, high fashion espionage, and feuding families into one strong, cohesive story. I enjoyed
PRIVATE AFFAIR, and I recommend it for your reading pleasure.

21st January 2020 |