Review: A Lesson In Devotion
LESSONS IN PASSION: A Lesson in Devotion - D. Camille
Sable SiStars Publishing

March 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: The second story featured in LESSONS IN PASSION highlights the second couple of the close-knit group of friends, Malik Thompson and Khai Sawyer. In this story, talented author D Camille masterfully incorporates one of my favorite tropes in Romancelandia, the royalty trope. Malik has been pursuing Khai for more than a year, but the young goddess is reluctant to give her heart to the young god. “What’s the problem?” You’ll find out when you read the story.

Malik and Khai find themselves in a complicated situation. They are both part of the same circle of friends who are tied together by their Khemetic beliefs. They unapologetically address each other as gods and goddesses, display the highest respect for each other, and are determined to uplift their community as examples of positive and healthy life lessons. That, in itself, is a reason to be a fan of these stories. After banding together to bring Tariq and Kita, the protagonists of the first story, together, Malik is resolved to making Khai his queen. That opportunity comes when Khai recruits him to help her teach a class about healthy relationships at the academy. I love the premise of the class, and you will also when you read their presentation. Will this co-teaching opportunity help to bring our couple together? I’ll let you decide. I will say that their chemistry is crazy off the chart, and they are better together than they are apart. Soooo, what exactly is stopping this relationship from reaching its full potential? There’s a complication that only Malik can resolve.

A few new side characters are introduced in this story, and Malik’s parents are among them. They both have brief, but key roles. The woman-to-woman talk between Malik’s mother and Khai is everything. Now that the members of the group, Kita, Tariq, Malik, and Khai have paired off, that leaves Asha, Khai’s sister the odd woman out, or does it. I say, “Stay tuned”. Someone has his eye on Asha.

I recommend the stories of
LESSONS IN PASSION. A Lesson in Desire (Story One) and A Lesson in Devotion (Story Two) reflect love and passion, and our culture. Kudos to author D Camille for delighting us with engaging entertaining reads that also offer a platform to enlighten us.

9th March 2020 |