Review: A Lesson In Desire
LESSONS IN PASSION: A Lesson in Desire - D. Camille
Sable SiStars Publishing

March 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: It has been a year since prolific writer, D Camille first introduced her readers to this series, an annual Black History Month publication. The storylines center around the students, teachers, parents and community of the Los Angeles area Bantu Academy where the school is located. The first one was LESSONS IN LOVE which also included two stories as LESSONS IN PASSION. The engaging stories not only present lessons in love and passion, but also lessons about our history.

The first story,
A Lesson in Desire, features Tariq Wilson, the new program manager for Bantu Academy, and Kita Lynch, an event planner. Tariq and Kita are part of a close circle of young men and women who are drawn together by their belief in and practice of Khemetic teachings. More about that later. As the newly hired program manager for the Academy, Tariq is given the task by the academy’s wealthy benefactor, Omari Clarke, of planning a special event that involves the students, teachers, parents and community to open the new school year. Tariq enlists the help of Kita, which will give her an opportunity to expand her event planning business, and work closely with Tariq. Without a doubt, Kita is the desire of Tariq’s heart. So, both of them working together sounds like a plan, right?  Well, here’s the deal. Although Tariq has his eye on the goddess, Kita, she is not completely sold on becoming this young man’s mate. The attraction, desire, and chemistry are there one-hundred per cent. However, I’ll let you discover the clever way the author reveals the actual problem. I’ll just say that Tariq has a lot of explaining to do!

The side characters, Tariq and Kita’s friends play important roles in moving the storyline along. Asha, Khai, and Malik are all in line for their own stories. The dynamics of this group of young gods and goddesses is relatable. The HEA is absolutely wonderful!

I love the way the author incorporates aspects of the Khematic principles into these stories. It serves as a learning experience for the reader who is not familiar with this culture. Not only does D Camille engage her readers in a beautiful love story, but she also educates the reader about a great ancient civilization that that was distinctly black and African.

I enjoyed this story, and I believe you will also. D Camille always delivers stories that entertain and enlighten. I recommend
A Lesson in Desire.

9th March 2020 |