Review: Without You
WITHOUT YOU - Delaney Diamod
Garden Avenue Press

January 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Cheryl McNeil | RATING:  B+
REVIEW:  WITHOUT YOU by Delaney Diamond is the second novella in the Quicksand series. The theme is second chance love, which is a theme I always enjoy.

Infidelity and distrust led to Rapper Terrence “T-Murder” Burrell and Charisse Burrell’s divorce five years ago. Over the past two years, the pair has gotten into a positive routine of co-parenting their three kids. Overall, the friendship is genuine and the love is still there.  It’s apparent that Terrence wants Charisse back. Charisse just couldn’t take the cheating anymore. This fictional story seems to come right out of the headlines. There are many high profile couples who are in the news due to infidelity. This book may be a little different than what Ms. Diamond’s fans are used to, however she is exploring the journey this pair takes over time.

This is a quick read that is easy to get into. The reader will develop a connection with Terrence and Charisse and understand their perspectives. Charisse is a good Mom who focuses on her family. I like how Ms. Diamond highlights Terrence as a dedicated father and provider as well. He just couldn’t get the relationship part right while they were married, in the midst of being a high profile celebrity. I like the shout out to HBCU Morehouse College. The pair visit Morehouse with their oldest son, who is a senior in high school. Terrence’s interaction with his son during this scene made me root for him even more.

Ms. Diamond definitely captures the passion between Terrence and Charisse, which is what we’ve come to expect in her books.  Just when I thought I had this second chance love story figured out, Ms. Diamond added a twist that I didn’t see coming. This kept me engaged. The story felt a bit rushed at the end. I wanted to see more of the couple’s journey.
WITHOUT YOU is a very good read by Ms. Diamond and I recommend it.

3rd February 2019 |