Review: With Your Permission
WITH YOUR PREMISSION - Stephanie Nicole Morris
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February 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Shirley Fleming | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Emotional, erotic, sensual and satisfying are just some of the words that come to mind describing the fifth book that highlights one of the Valentine brothers. The French speaking, world-renown photographer, Raphael is the hero extraordinaire of this story. Brittany (Bri) St. James, CEO of Building Bridges Wedding and Event Planning, is the perfect heroine to empathize with Raphael’s plight, and to offer hope for a second chance at love.

WITH YOUR PERMISSION has a well-developed storyline that runs the gamut of emotions. You will find yourself cheering for Raphael and Bri as they struggle to overcome tragedy, deceit, loss, and pain. Prior to this story, followers of this series know that Raphael is struggling with a deep traumatic experience from his past. He has been somewhat of a recluse wrestling with survivor’s guilt, but in this book, he is becoming a more public figure with Bri’s help. I’ll let you discover the reason for Raphael’s self-exile. Not only does Raphael have issues, but so does Bri. Yet, Bri and Raphael develop a solid friendship that enables them to sense when the other needs help. I love the way their symbiotic-like relationship is portrayed. Just as Bri is there for Raphael, Raphael is there for his Amour. You’ll get that when you read the story. That friendship eventually morphs into a heated sexual relationship that is off-the-chart! The scene in the hotel that involves a broken headboard is unforgettable. Kudos to the author’s creativity!

The members of the ever-growing celebrated Valentine clan are present and accounted for. Along with Bri’s family, they serve as side characters to help move the storyline along. One of the side characters who stand out is the duplicitous Philip, Bri’s longtime photographer friend and co-owner who handles the finances for Bri’s rapidly rising business. The scene where Raphael, the protector, handles Philip is indeed impressive. I literally cheered for the hero! Bri’s brother Dean, who is special ops, and has been absent from his family for years, also makes an appearance via a high-tech digital billboard. The whole roof-top HEA is guaranteed to bring a smile to every romance reader’s face.

I thoroughly enjoyed
WITH YOUR PERMISSION. It is a great mix of steam, romance and poignancy, and I highly recommend it! While I’m at it, In The Heart of a Valentine Series is beyond good. If you haven’t read the books, you are missing out. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

18th February 2019 |