Review: Winning Charlotte Back
Harlequin Special Edition

January 2019
Category Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Winning Charlotte back is not going to be an easy task for our hero, Dr. Rick Tyler. Charlotte Shields, the heroine, is a hard, proud, prickly woman who is trying to regroup after being passed over for president of her father’s company. Charlotte gave up everything to please her father and wait for her promotion that she worked so hard for. She literally has no friends, family, or relationship with her sisters. It was all for nothing. The day her father introduced the new president of the company to the board, Charlotte walked out.

Charlotte returns to Sweet Briar, North Carolina, her hometown. Although she is not well received there, she is determined to make a new life for herself. While there, a new neighbor moves in next door. This is where the story gets good. Dr. Rick Tyler is also returning to Sweet Briar to begin a new life for him and his stepson Bobby. I’ll let you discover why that move is necessary. However, I will point out that Rick and Charlotte have history. It’s a history that is the catalyst for shaping her present attitude, and her relationship with her Sweet Briar peers. It’s a sticky situation, indeed. Author Kathy Douglass is to be commended for penning this story that deftly explores the ‘second chance at love’ trope. Rick left Charlotte at the altar, and her life was changed over night. Now, Rick is back in her life, and he wants Charlotte in his. His precocious ten-year-old little boy is going to play an important role in “winning Charlotte back”.

I like this story because the heroine is such a dynamic character. When we first meet Charlotte, she is not the most lovable person. As the story moves along, with the help of an eclectic cast of side characters, Charlotte moves from a not so likable woman to a woman who is ready to embrace change and love. The HEA is wonderful!

WINNING CHARLOTTE BACK is an engaging, compelling and entertaining story. I recommend it for your reading pleasure. This book is the fourth book of the Sweet Briar Sweethearts. WINNING CHARLOTTE BACK is my favorite so far.

1st January 2019 |