Review: Wicked
WICKED - A. C. Arthur
Artistry Publishing

February 2019
Paranormal Romance
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell | RATING:  B+
REVIEW: Arthur’s latest release is the story of three witches - not just any witches.  Sarah, Kitaka (Kit) and Melody are Desirables. As the name implies, these witches are stunning “with an insatiable sex drive that would put porn stars to shame”. Men are used only to quench their insatiable desires without any long-term commitment. They don’t apologize; this is just how they roll as the Desirables’ Constitution forbids bonding with mortals. But like our Constitution, there is always room for interpretation as each Desirable encounters a mortal man who challenges the boundaries of tradition.

In these three novellas, Arthur follows the Desirables as they fulfill their mission to protect mortals with magic from their archenemies, the Phantoms. They are taught to take down these wretched creatures by any means possible. Instinctively, phantoms always seem to appear and cause havoc when a Desirable is deep in emotional turmoil with a mortal man or men which causes even more angst.

WICKED is three rereleased novellas, TOUCH ME, PLEASE ME and TEASE ME, TAKEN ME previously published under Arthur’s pen name, Sapphire Blue, with new material added and TEACH ME, LOVE ME also previously published under Sapphire Blue and completely rewritten.  The setting is Mystic, “a picturesque town with great citizens and fanciful legends”. In addition to the three Desirables and the men who love them, Damille, the high priestess is prominent.  She is the one who helps them realize that words written on parchment don’t dictate their hearts.

WICKED is not for the faint of heart. Arthur expertly finesses the boundaries of erotic paranormal romance and crafts a tale that is intriguing yet entertaining.  She explores the intricacies of monogamous and polygamous relationships and the balance the Desirables and their mates must achieve to maintain these and other alternative lifestyle choices. Arthur’s alter ego is new to me, but the qualities I enjoy in her other works are prominent. I encourage Sapphire Blue fans to check out WICKED for updates on old friends and I encourage traditional Arthur fans to sample this spicy new offering that will leave you spellbound.

24th March 2019 |