Review: Vision
VISION - Anita Davis
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June 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: I am so glad that author, Anita Davis, listened to her muse and gave Dr. Shannan Johnson her own story in this Limelight series. If you are familiar with this compelling series, then you remember Dr. Johnson as the physician who treated world famous supermodel Liv Summers, aka Phaedra Winters, for vitiligo (HUES, Book 1) with her own special formula. The good doctor also has the same skin condition. However, vitiligo is not the focus of this story. Dr. Shannan Johnson’s story is poignant, and it reflects the expectations that society places on women.  The talented Ms. Davis not only regales us with a romantic second chance love story, but she also raises the bar and examines the dilemma of a woman’s choice of not wanting to have children.

When Shannan’s first marriage ends in divorce because of her steadfast decision to not have children, I still was not fully convinced that if the right man came along, that her no children decision would inevitably change. Well, the right man came along in the form of her first love, Jordan Keenan, a successful professional bowler. They are reunited through mutual friends, and their romance is what second chance love is all about. You can almost hear the song, Reunited, (a back-in-the-day song by Peaches and Herb) playing in the background. Yet, in spite of Shannan and Jordan’s “beautiful encounters”, a hilarious couple’s night with their friends, Tyriek and Nay, and a touching moment that Shannan has with her mother, she is still steadfast and resolute about not having children. It is at this point in the story that I wonder where this storyline is going. I find out in Chapter 15. All I can say is be ready to go through this frustrating, complicated, and at times, depressing experience with Shannan, Jordan, their friends and family. It is riveting and you, as the reader, are right there as the author’s skillful writing allows you to feel the emotional rollercoaster that the heroine is under-going.

That light at the end of the proverbial tunnel shines through in an HEA that will have you audibly exhaling.
VISION is a well-written story that will totally engage you in the plight and promise of Shannan and Jordan’s second chance at love. I recommend it.

1st July 2019 |