Review: Unplanned Love
UNPLANNED LOVE - Sharon C. Cooper
Amaris Publishing

May 2019
Contemporary  Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  B+
REVIEW: Second chance love is the theme that prolific author Sharon C. Cooper cleverly features in UNPLANNED LOVE, the fourth book of the Jenkins & Sons Construction Series. Meet Liam Jenkins and Charlee Fenlon, who were previously engaged, but the engagement was broken due to some untimely work choices that caused friction between the two lovers. When the story opens, Charlee receives some upsetting news from her father, the Founder and CEO of Fenlon Manufacturing. Fenlon, where Charlee is Director of Operations, produces construction materials and has a long-standing association with Jenkins & Sons Construction.

It’s been two years since Liam and Charlee broke their engagement and in spite of friends and family ties and the fact that they both reside in Cincinnati, they have managed to avoid each other as much as possible. Charlee’s workaholic personality is the prime reason that she and Liam didn’t make it. Liam’s stubborn nature that insisted that there’s no going back did not help their situation. The question is what can be done to bring our couple back together again? Friends and family acknowledge that when they are in the same space, the chemistry between them is so apparent that the atmosphere “crackles like hot timbers in a fireplace”. One of the strong points of this story is that you can feel the angst and frustration that both Charlee and Liam feel as they try to rein in their feelings for each other. However, it all comes to a head when they both unexpectedly end up in New York. Those chapters that recount their New York reunion are well-written. No spoilers, but they will definitely make you smile and tap into your romantic sensibilities.

As in most family series, the outstanding side characters are the family members who appear to offer advice and a listening ear. So, it is as Jenkins’ family members fulfill their roles of helping to move the story along. I especially liked the best friends’ relationship between Rayne Jenkins and Charlee. One of the best scenes in the book involves Liam’s cousin, Royce Garrison, Liam and Charlee. You’ll get that when you read the story.

The HEA is a wonderful ending to this engaging second chance love story. I enjoy the Jenkins’ family books, and I recommend
UNPLANNED LOVE for your reading pleasure.

6th June 2019 |