Review: The Other Side
THE OTHER SIDE - Trice Hickman
Kensington Dafina/Romance

September 2019
Mainstream Fiction
REVIEWER: Susan Plummer | RATING:  B+
REVIEW: the other side is an entertaining and emotional walk through the lives of three strong and capable women and their bumpy, sometimes inept maneuvers in the game of love.

First is Bernadette Gibson, a successful corporate executive at the top of her career. With the big 5-0 looming and her last relationship a disastrous failure, Bernie is facing a possibly lonely mid-life. Next is Testimony Sinclair, a successful forty-something year old author with a legion of faithful readers. She writes gripping novels about intrigue and romance but sadly, her love life is a cycle of unhappy-endings. Last is Arizona Mays, whose teen years was one reckless encounter after the other until an unplanned pregnancy becomes the wake-up call she needed. Now a responsible thirty-year old single mother, she is poised to finally have the life she prayed for. All three women will experience a metamorphosis that leads to a chance at lasting love, but it comes at a price.  They must determine whether to seize their chance at love even in the face of life-changing sacrifices. Time usually solves most problems, but this is exactly what they lack.

The Other Side provides an account of each woman’s life as they make decisions that will shape their future. The transition from one character to the next is clearly indicated but their stories intersect seamlessly throughout the novel. Bernadette is reminiscent of many women with successful careers but atrophied personal lives. Tess is the type of woman so afraid of being hurt, she creates the very environment that leads to the demise of her relationships. Arizona has atoned for past mistakes by leading an exemplary life but seems destined to be punished her for past sins. Three different women, three unique issues but with a common bond - sisterhood. The support they provide each other is immeasurable.

The story delivers well laid out exchanges and flows effortlessly. There are  transitions between each character, but they are not disruptive to the flow of the story. The characters are three-dimensional and the contemporary and often sassy language brings them to life.

The Other Side
delves into the issues of what people portray versus what their lives are truly like. On the outside, they seem to have it all but are really one decision away from losing everything. One quick note to mention is THE OTHER SIDE does not provide a conclusion of all the women’s stories. Hickman’s next novel will provide the second part to this interesting story and I hope this second novel is not too far in the future.

1st September 2019 |