Review: The Kissing Game
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July 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Jennifer Copeland | RATING: A
REVIEW: THE KISSING GAME by Anita Davis is the 1st installment in her Love Alive Series. This book brings to life the love story of Miriam Caldwell and Shawn Lafayette. The story begins when Miriam’s best friend Dana persuades her to go on a game show that wants to showcase that you can falling love at a first kiss. Miriam is hesitant to do the show, but in the end, she agrees to do so.

Miriam is an architect with a profitable engineering firm, where she is in line to earn a promotion. Shawn Lafayette is also an architect at the same engineering firm as Miriam. Shawn is also up for the same promotion as Miriam. Unknown to Miriam, Shawn is interested in getting to know her better, but Miriam has a lot of baggage because she thinks that, the more successful she becomes, her mother will finally love her. Shawn is also striving to be more successful as well because he wants his father to love him as much as he loves and brags on his brother’s Chad accomplishments and success.

When Miriam and Dana go on the game show, Miriam kisses a few men while they are both blindfolded. The last round Miriam kisses the last stranger and the chemistry between her, and the stranger is electric! Even the producers of the show see the chemistry between the two. When the blindfolds come off, Miriam is shocked that the stranger that she was kissing is her co-worker Shawn.

Will Miriam finally let go and let Shawn love her? Will the pair give in to the chemistry that is so hot between them? You will have to read the book to find out.  Ms. Davis shows us that it is possible to fall in love at first kiss. She also shows us when we let go of past hurts that we can finally have the love that we are seeking.

I enjoyed reading
THE KISSING GAME! This is the third book I have read by Ms. Davis and she didn’t disappoint me at all! This book was fantastic! For me, I could relate to Miriam in this book as well as Shawn. This book for me was emotional. Make sure to grab a copy of THE KISSING GAME. You won’t be disappointed in this book!

28th August 2019 |