Review: The Bridal Suite
THE BRIDAL SUITE - Rochelle Alers
HQN Books

November 2019
Mainstream Fiction
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: It’s here! The final installment of The Innkeepers Series features Nydia Stephanie Santiago, a native New Yorker who will join her friends, Jasmine, Hannah & Tonya, in New Orleans. Hannah, originally from the Big Easy, invited her three fellow co-workers to her home in the Garden District for some much-needed rest and relaxation after they had been abruptly laid-off from the company where they all previously worked. Hannah, Jasmine and Tonya, captivated by the sultry allure of New Orleans’ lifestyle, find love and a new lease on life. However, Nydia is somewhat reluctant, and this book chronicles her journey as she ponders her next move.

I enjoyed Nydia’s story. Of the four women friends, she is the one with no filter. As Nydia weighs her options of either staying in the Big Apple where her family lives or moving to the Big Easy where her three besties live, author Rochelle Alers gives the reader a vivid glimpse into Nydia’s Puerto Rican family. We get to experience the mouth-watering dishes that they create, from arroz con granules to pasteles. Nydia’s character is quite a live-wire, and that is exactly what attracts Lamar Pierce, an engineer and a true Southern gentleman to her. He is exactly who Nydia needs in her life to restore her belief in love. It doesn’t hurt that Lamar has ties to New York and speaks Spanish. You’ll get that when you read the story. They meet in New Orleans when Nydia travels there to be in Jasmine’s wedding. Nydia and Lamar have some serious barriers from their pasts to pull down as they both find themselves at the proverbial crossroads of a future life together. I like the role that Lamar’s daughter, Kendra, plays in Nydia and Lamar’s relationship. She, like Lamar, needs a Nydia in her life.

One of the best features of this story is catching up with Hannah (
THE INHERITANCE, Book 1), Tonya (BREAKFAST IN BED, Book 2) and Jasmine (ROOM SERVICE, Book 3). Nydia’s family also are instrumental in helping to move the storyline along. We get to meet them at a Christmas gathering in New York complete with gastronomical delights. Speaking of gastronomical delights, Kudos to Ms Alers for including the Recipe section at the end of the book from Mojito to Chicharrones De Pollo. The HEA is delightful! All four ladies are together to celebrate.

The Innkeepers Series
is engaging and entertaining. THE BRIDAL SUITE, along with the other three stories, presents a wonderful journey of four women who go from unemployed to best friends to innkeepers. Great read!

16th December 2019 |