Review: The Billionaire's Bargain
Harlequin Desire

June 2019
Category Romance
REVIEWER: Shirley Fleming | RATING:  A
REVIEW: During a city-wide blackout, Darius King and Isobel Hughes, sworn enemies, find themselves trapped together at a charity event. Of course, neither one knows who the other is. Having been labeled an adulterer and gold digger by her dead husband, Isabel is persona non grata among her husband’s family and friends.  When the morning comes, Darius is shocked to find that the woman who spent the night in his arms is none other than his best friend’s widow. A woman he has grown to despise over the last two years. A woman whom he blames for the death of his beloved friend. But the kind compassionate woman who helped him through his panic attack and kept the anxiety at bay, does not fit the profile of the heartless woman he believed her to be. In an effort to protect his family, Darius makes a decision that will change his and Isobel’s lives forever.
Isobel Hughes is a young woman who has shown great strength in the face of extreme adversity. She has endured more pain and suffering than any innocent woman should have to. Through it all, she has come out on the other side stronger than ever. Billionaire Darius King is a businessman who has a fear of the dark due to an unfortunate event in his past. He is totally devoted to the surrogate family who took him in after the death of his parents. He would do anything to protect them including tying himself to a woman who has been accused of being totally lacking in moral fiber.

THE BILLIONAIRE’S BARGAIN is a love story of betrayal, hatred, secrets, lies, forbidden passion, and finally love. Darius and Isobel’s love was tested throughout the story from beginning to end. Guilt held Darius in its grip for loving the woman who supposedly betrayed his friend. Isobel didn’t trust in Darius love. Their road to love everlasting was long and bumpy. This story is fast paced and each page flows smoothly into the next.  Isobel is my hero.  She is the epitome of a good mother willing to endure anything including humiliation to provide for her young son. The author did an amazing job with the characterization and the storyline for this novel. In fact, all the characters are passionate and believable, including little Aiden. Kudos to Ms. Simone for writing in its most creative form!

is such a moving story. You will not be able to put this book down. This emotional narrative grabs you and keeps you captivated to the very last page. I would certainly recommend it to others. I can’t wait to read the next exciting entry into this series!

4th July 2019 |