Review: The Bid Catcher
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April 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Talented author Anita Davis features none other than Mama Peaches’ birth son, Jeremy Brighton for her contribution to this enjoyable series. If you are familiar with the Distinguished Gentlemen Series, then you know that Mama Peaches is the no nonsense, beloved community activist of Southlake Park, IL. In order to raise money for the Southlake Park community renovation, Mama Peaches and her partner-in-crime, Geraldine are sponsoring a bachelor auction. All of the young men whom Mama Peaches fostered, or baby sat have agreed to participate except her own son who adamantly refuses. What’s a mother to do?

While Jeremy is adamant about not participating in the auction, his professional future as a chef and restaurateur is not so certain. Consequently, his planned move back to Chicago to open his own restaurant comes at the same time of the auction. As it turns out, Naima Grant, Jeremy’s childhood “buddy” has also returned to Chicago after a disastrous marriage and a bitter divorce. Naima is Geraldine’s granddaughter. Naima and Jeremy have some issues they need to iron out about their relationship. Naima wants more, but Jeremy seems content with their best buddies status. Even with the help from longtime friends, Khloe Madison and Kadaris Kathan (
THE CONTINGENCY BID), and a boisterous game of Spades, clueless Jeremy still keeps Naima at arm’s length. Instead of kisses she gets head locks. Everything comes to a head the night of the auction. That auction scene is one of my favorites, and yes, Jeremy is present along with the two little ladies who save the day. You’ll get that when you read the story. I have to pause here and give kudos to Ms. Davis for skillfully incorporating the controversial and prevalent subject matter of body-shaming that added substance to the storyline.

Speaking of scenes, there is a jaw-dropping confrontation between Naima, the ex-husband, Jeremy, and Miss Geraldine. Great scene! The HEA is so heartwarming and gratifying. I can’t leave out the four episodes that are added at the end of the story. These episodes,
The Escapades of Mama Peaches & Geraldine”, are authored exclusively by Ms. Davis, and they are hilarious. Enjoy!

If you’re looking for a quick, entertaining, and engaging read, I recommend
THE BID CATCHER. You’re going to love it!

9th May 2019 |