Review: Teach Me
TEACH ME - Alexandria House
Audible Original

November 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: I had acclimated myself to the idea that Alexandria House’s McClain family stories were finally told, and as a follower of this series, I could always reread or re-listen to the stories of this entertaining and engaging book family. On October 29, the prolific author released an Audiobook titled, TEACH ME. Little did I know that the heroine, Nadia Day is related to one of the most iconic characters associated with the McClain series, Lee Chester aka Unc. This story recounts Nadia’s journey to love and an unforgettable connection to the McClain family.

I loved this story. Alexandria House’s McClain family has entertained us from the first book (
LET ME LOVE YOU) that featured Everett “Big South” McClain to the last one that showcased Kat McClain (LET ME PLEASE YOU). What better way to present more insight into one of the most quintessential characters of the series, Uncle Lee Chester, the beloved court jester of the McClain family. Nobody, but nobody, can fracture words or phrases like Unc. His understanding of sex and the human body is mind-boggling. In this story, we see another side of him as he introduces his daughter (by another woman) to the McClains.

Nadia Day is a well-established professor of psychology at a fictional university in Arkansas. She has separated herself from an unconventional bohemian childhood to a safe and staid adulthood that follows the rules. She is haunted by certain incidents that she keeps suppressed of her past that come to the forefront after she meets one hunk of a man, Nathan Moore, retired football player, student, and single dad. As a single dad of two special needs children and the sole provider of his family, Nathan also faces challenges that come directly from his mother and siblings. Nathan and Nadia’s love journey is only one aspect of this engaging story. The author also offers a look into the issues of special needs children, and then raises the bar to eyeball the subject of BDSM between two consenting adults. She does it well, and the storyline remains solid throughout the book. Kudos to the prolific Alexandria House!

The side characters are composed of Nadia’s immediate family, Nathan’s family, and of course, the McClain family. The stand, outside characters are Nathan’s son and daughter, Ian and Mecca. I can’t leave out Steven, aka Lunchmeat, Unc’s son. You’ll get that if you are fans of the series. The HEA is so gratifying.

Now, you can only find this story in audiobook format on Audible. According to Ms. House, the story will not be released in book format or ebook format until later this year or early next year. If you are not into audiobooks, I highly recommend
TEACH ME to become a first-time listener. The narrators, Jakobi Diem and Adenrele Ojo are outstanding! You can thank me later.

18th November 2019 |