Review: Sweet Love
SWEET LOVE - Sheryl Lister
Harlequin Kimani Romance

July 2019
Category Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Creative writer, Sheryl Lister, continues the saga of the Hunter family of Sacramento (cousins to the Grays of Los Angeles) with an engaging story that features Alisha Hunter and Jabari Sutton. I like this couple because both of them have had life experiences that have matured them. Alisha has two children from a previous marriage, and she is a skilled surgical nurse. Jabari is a former military officer, and as a second career he has partnered with his best friend in a tech company where he is the cybersecurity specialist. Not only do I like the maturity that they both bring to the table, but I also like how they met. Alisha and Jabari met at a child’s birthday party.

You can count on some real-life situations and issues in the stories that Sheryl Lister writes.
SWEET LOVE is no exception. Alisha is a single mom who is juggling Mom duties, a full-time job that can be demanding, and hostile antics from a no-good ex-husband. It’s those real-life issues that makes Ms. Lister’s stories so relatable. As far as Jabari is concerned, he is not into the games that people play when it comes to romance. He makes it no secret that he is looking for a stable, mature, career-minded woman. Although younger in age, Alisha captures Jabari’s attention, and they both recognize that they have chemistry that rocks their world. While second-chance at love is inevitable, their growing relationship is complicated by matters that makes for compelling sub-plots. You’ll discover them when you read the story.

Family support and lasting friendships are also primary themes in Ms Lister’s stories. Jabari and Alisha are both members of a strong family dynamic that offers uncompromising support, advice and loyalty. The Hunters, the Grays, Jabari’s family and friends, and Alisha’s two children are all crucial to advancing the storyline. At the opposite end of the side character spectrum, there are those who are the antithesis of what family is all about. Watch out for Alisha’s exes; namely her ex-mother-in-law and her ex-husband.

As an added bonus, not only do you get to read Sheryl Lister’s
SWEET LOVE, but also, Elle Wright’s BECAUSE OF YOU. Now that’s a sweet deal! The more I read Ms Lister’s works, the more I recognize her gift for telling stories that totally engage the reader. I enjoyed SWEET LOVE, and I recommend it.

9th July 2019 |