Review: Sweet Heat
Kensington Dafina/Romance

June 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: First, there was DRIVING HEAT, then PACKING HEAT, and now SWEET HEAT. In this series, the creative Zuri Day features the Carters, your average working-class family composed of some fine Carter men. What’s so alluring about this series is that these men are not uber-handsome multimillionaire moguls who travel in circles that the average reader can only dream about. The Carter heroes are the type of men you might meet while riding city transit or purchasing stamps at the Post Office.

As a matter of fact, Marvin Carter, the hero of
SWEET HEAT is the chef of the family who specializes in sweet treats. There’s a cooking competition that can net the winner $50,000.00 that Marvin enters with dreams of owning a food truck. That’s where he meets the bodacious Naomi Carson. She’s described as a “thick chick” who also comes equipped with “Carter-catchers”. You’ll get that when you read the story. Her love of cooking and, of course, the prize money leads her to enter the contest. I love the jabs, flirty banter, and just pure trash talk that these two constantly exchange. Also, I love the chemistry that is so evident between them. Naomi and Marvin are perfect for each other as they definitely serve up some sweet heat together. More than that, I love the fact Marvin and Naomi are everyday people who work everyday jobs like a line cook at a soul food restaurant and an assistant manager at a 99-cent store respectively. My kind of people! The cooking contest rounds are intense, and Ms. Day draws you in with vivid descriptions and details that makes for a well-written story. There are some compelling subplots to look forward to that involve Marvin’s former cooking instructor, Naomi’s grandmother, and Naomi’s ex-boyfriend.

The side characters comprise a mix of family from Marvin’s side and Naomi’s, ex’s, and contest aficionados. The wide range of characters are key to moving the storyline along. I love it when the Carters get together. There are a couple of memorable scenes where they host raucous dinners. The HEA is wonderful!  Who won the cooking contest? No spoilers! You have to read this entertaining story to find out.

SWEET HEAT is an engaging contemporary romance. Marvin and Naomi are a captivating power couple that you can easily relate to. I recommend SWEET HEAT for your reading pleasure.

25th June 2019 |