Review: Sweet Deception
SWEET DECEPTION - Patricia Sargeant
Mediopolis Communications
July 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEW: Patricia Sargeant weaves a tale of love and secrets in the moving novel SWEET DECEPTION. Joan Brown is living a double life. She is known in Columbus, Ohio as the plain, dutiful middle daughter of an old fashioned minister, but to the rest of the world she is the rising erotica romance author Cleopatra Sinclair. Former lawyer turned NY Times best selling thriller writer Ronald Montgomery is going through his own issues with love and lies and finds that he is intrigued with fellow author Cleopatra Sinclair. Patricia Sargeant shows us how secrets tend to destroy love and that honesty is really the key in all relationships.

For years Joan has played the typical role of a preacher’s daughter by allowing her parents to control her every move. She is trying to let the real Joan out by rebelling and writing erotica under a pen name. As Joan spends more time with Ron she realizes that she has to live for Joan and not for her parents or how others may view her. Ron is struggling to deal with the fact that his fiancé cheated on him with his brother and how his mother kept it from him. He has yet to deal with feelings of inadequacy that he has faced since childhood. After a one-night stand with Joan, Ron can’t think of anything but her and how he can make her an integral part of his life. He accepts a guest lecture position at Ohio State University to find answers to why Joan seems so important to him.

The supporting characters in this novel play an integral part to the story. As Joan stands up for what she wants her sisters find the strength to stand up for themselves. Ron doesn’t understand how his parents make a big deal out of his brother’s problems but never praise his accomplishments. The dialogue is constant and keeps the reader engrossed in the story. The setting of the story begins in Los Angeles. The majority of the story takes place in Columbus, Ohio which allows you to see how life is for Joan. There is a trip to New York where the reader gets to experience Ron’s lifestyle.

I would definitely recommend
SWEET DECEPTION. As we follow Joan and Ron on their journey through love we see how they grow individually and together as they prepare to spend their lives as one

14th July 2019 |