Review: Spark of Desire
SPARK OF DESIRE - Sheryl Lister
Harlequin Kimani Romance

September 2019
Category Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: SPARK OF DESIRE features another member of the Hunter family of Sacramento. We first met Cedric Hunter, in A LOVE OF MY OWN, the premier book for the Hunters of Sacramento Series. Cedric is now running the family construction business, along with his cousin, Lorenzo. While Cedric’s cousins, Athens Grays of Los Angeles are happily married, Cedric has stated many times that he is not ready to settle down. Enter Randi Nichols, the woman who will have Cedric second guessing his bachelor status.

I am always pleasantly surprised at the occupations that creative writer, Sheryl Lister delegates to her characters. In this story, the heroine, Randi, is a former firefighter who is currently working as an arson investigator and aspiring to become an ATF agent. Randi’s occupation takes center stage as she is the investigator for a fire at a strip mall site that Hunter Construction is building. That’s where she and Cedric meet, and the sparks begin to fly, literally and figuratively. There is an air of suspense and tension as the plot builds from one fire to several at different construction sites, and an arsonist on the loose becomes apparent. We are well aware of Cedric’s issues to remain a bachelor, but Randi has her own issues with men who can not handle what she does for a living. These plot points merge for a very engaging story that becomes a page turner. Spicy romance meets whodunit. I love it!

One of the most delightful scenes in the story involves Randi, Cedric, his cousin and partner, Lorenzo, and his wife Desiree. The couples travel to a “glass studio” for a lesson in making glass art. The author’s knowledge of this creative art form is so on-point that the reader becomes completely engrossed in the descriptive process. Very nicely done!

I enjoyed
SPARK OF DESIRE. Sheryl Lister never fails to pen a compelling story. I recommend SPARK OF DESIRE for your reading pleasure. To read more stories about the Hunters, I recommend A LOVE OF MY OWN and SWEET LOVE. Enjoy!

5th September 2019 |