Review: Soul's Desire
SOUL'S DESIRE - Sharon C. Cooper
Amaris Publishing

September 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: SOUL’S DESIRE is a spin-off story from creative author, Sharon C. Cooper’s compelling Atlanta’s Finest Series. As a matter of fact, this story takes place at the same time as ACCUSED (Book #3) of that series. This story features Soul Carrington and Micah Owens, former college sweethearts who are reunited. I like the author’s creative approach to the familiar trope of second chance love.

As the story opens, Soul Carrington is realizing her dream of owning and operating a dance school. The former professional dancer is not only embarking on a new adventure, but she also finds herself face-to-face with her old lover, Micah. Although it has been years since they decided to part ways, their attraction to each other has not faded. I’ll let you discover the reason they parted when you read the story. Whenever they are together, the chemistry between them is quite apparent. However, something else is apparent, and that something is tension. Micah does not just accidentally come back into Soul’s life. He has a reason, but no spoilers here. I will say that Micah’s re-entry into Soul’s life is connected to Soul’s brother, Myles Carrington (the CIA agent who is introduced in
ACCUSED) and Ryan Frasier, Soul’s ex-fiancé. Everything comes to a head in Chapter 15. A stand-out scene!

Familiar side characters from the Atlanta’s Finest series, and new side characters combine to help move the storyline along. Stand-out side characters are Soul’s best friends from college, Jada Wilson and Janice Livingston who are featured in their own stories in this series. The Epilogue houses a delightful HEA that is sure to satisfy your romantic sensibilities.

SOUL’S DESIRE is an engaging read that I enjoyed. I particularly liked the connection to the acclaimed Atlanta’s Finest Series.  I am looking forward to reading the other stories in the Unparalleled Love series: HEART’S DESIRE by Delaney Diamond, and EVERLASTING DESIRE by Stephanie Nicole Norris. Each book can be read as a stand-alone. In the meantime, I recommend SOUL’S DESIRE.

11th September 2019 |