Review: Sin Bin
SIN BIN - Maureen Smith
Wordsmith Enterprises

February 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell| RATING:  A
REVIEW: Maureen Smith is back with her best Denver Rebels Novel to date!  The saga of Denver’s hockey hotties continues with them on a mission to win the Stanley Cup. Volatile playboy Logan Brassard has witnessed two fellow starters succumb to love on this journey - a fate that isn’t in the cards for him.

Logan is a broken man. At twenty-five years old, he has endured more pain than others twice his age. As the product of a single parent, he was forced to fend for himself at five years old when he was introduced to the brutalities of the foster care system. To cope, he excelled in hockey, sheathed himself in an impenetrable shield and sedated his pain with booze and a slew of meaningless hook-ups. Logan is the brash professional athlete who thoroughly enjoys all the benefits fame affords.

Meadow Ryan is a social worker and studious stargazer who enjoys peace and anonymity. Her life’s mission is to help children in need. At the age of six she landed in the foster care system where she languished until being adopted by a caring couple. Unfortunately, budget cuts eliminate her beloved job and after an exhaustive search she lands a lucrative opportunity in Denver. The heroines Smith masterfully introduces in this interracial series, while not glamorous, possess the inner beauty and strength to tame Denver’s hockey bad boys and rival anything these heroes have ever encountered. Although quiet and unassuming, Meadow is no exception.

Logan and Meadow crossed paths briefly in foster care, but the precious time they shared left an indelible imprint on their memories and in their hearts. They now live worlds apart yet by fate they are reunited for one of the sweetest journeys I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing in the romance genre. Smith expertly crafts a story that navigates the intricacies of foster care with sensitivity from the child’s perspective and the lingering effects on adulthood. Be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster ride like none other as Logan and Meadow face the ghosts from the past and the uncertainty of the future as they struggle to dismantle protective walls that interfere with the happiness they deserve. The emotion that is woven into this narrative is gripping yet exhilarating in anticipation of what the future holds for our couple.

SIN BIN is long, but it flows like a good movie from beginning to end. It’s been a while since I have read a book I couldn’t put down and SIN BIN was it. The future for the Denver Rebels looks exciting. The story of intriguing Hunter Duchene is next as well as novellas that cap off each Rebel’s story. This is a stand-alone but treat yourself to the series that generates enough heat to melt an ice rink.

20th February 2019 |