Review: She's Got Soul
She Loves Words Publishing

November 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Talented author, Aja, pens a new series that she has labeled, Soulmates. SHE’S GOT SOUL is the first installment, and it is a good read. Zola Lewis is the featured heroine of this story. She is one of four women whose names begin with the letter Z from the same household. More about them later. Zola hosts a podcast titled Soul Talk. Her podcast will serve as the catalyst that will bring her and Khalil Berry together.

I love this story on so many different levels. For one, it is so Gen Y/Millennial driven. The world of technology is a focal point of this story. Khalil is a summa cum laude MIT graduate, and software app developer who is a multimillionaire running his own software business, K.I.B. enterprises. I’ll let you discover just what led him to Zola’s podcast. Second, it is important to note that both Khalil and Zola are single and lonely in a world of match-making dating apps. I love how Aja connects the 21st Century technology phenomenon and the timeless art of love. While Khalil is a tech genius, Zora is, in her own right, part of this “there’s an app for everything” generation. She is a branding strategist catering to technology companies. Clearly, the future is now, and this couple exemplifies what happens when technology meets romance. It’s a great story that gives insight into how this generation views dating, rejection, commitment, and love. What is more, we get to experience the connection of the baby boomer generation to the generation of our heroine and hero through music. All of these elements are weaved into a well-developed storyline. 

One of the most memorable scenes in the book is the stairwell scene. I won’t go into details, but I will say that after this scene Khalil had no doubts that Zola was “good for his soul”. Another memorable aspect of this novel is the playlist of music that permeates the story. From Earth, Wind and Fire to India Arie, the music is an asset to the storyline by helping to set the mood. Kudos to Aja! The journal entries also serve to help navigate the reader from the opening chapter to a wonderful HEA.

The side characters of friends and family play important roles and help to move the storyline along. As I mentioned earlier, Zola comes from a family of women whose names are Zora, Zena, and Zoe. Will we be regaled with their stories in this new series? Who knows? Stay tuned!

is an engaging story that takes a look at love through the eyes of a tech savvy generation.  I recommend it for your reading pleasure.

18th November 2019 |