Review: Redesigning Happiness
Kensington Dafina/Fiction

August 2019
Mainstream Fiction
REVIEWER: Susan Plummer | RATING:  B+
REVIEW:  Redesigning Happiness by Nita Brooks is a novel, titillating love triangle illustrating how life can change in an instant.

Yvonne Cable is a single mom who clawed her way up from bad decisions to creating a lucrative career while being a single mom. After years of raising her son alone, Yvonne is immediately smitten when sexy contractor; Nathan takes an interest in her. They are engaged just months later. Yvonne can finally give her son something they both lack, a father. Yvonne’s beautifully crafted world takes a hit when her son’s father reappears and demands to meet his son.  Now her son has two men vying for the title of dad. However, Yvonne is outraged and mistrustful of her ex’s claims that he was unaware their son’s existence until recently. Five years ago, Richard walked away from a pregnant Yvonne without looking back. As father and son are acquainted, Yvonne fights suppressed feelings for Richard. Yvonne’s fiancé, Nathan is far from happy with the current turn of events, but he has his own skeletons to unearth. With three players holding their secrets close to their chest: one will show their hand, two will end up with a newly designed happily-ever-after and, one is sure to be hurt in this crowded game of love.

Redesigning Happiness is life of a roller coaster with its placid start and then suddenly it off to several gut grabbing twists and turns.

Yvonne Cable is the constant reminder of her mother’s infidelity and seems destined to repeat history. However, Yvonne ultimately negates her mother’s dismal expectations. Despite her checkered beginning, Yvonne is determined to design her future. She is the personification of the strong single mom. In Richard Barrington’s world, marriages are brokered deals and love has no bearings on choosing a wife. Meeting Yvonne changes his outlook, but old habits are hard to break. Nathan, the third party of this love triangle seems the most unassuming, but his secrets are almost too shocking to believe. Each character is craftily developed and brought to life.

Redesigning Happiness is an easy read with great dialogue throughout.  Yvonne and Nathan are down-to-earth and even Richard with his slightly more stuffy temperament, comes across as realistic and believable.

This debut is a pager-turner cloaked in a go-lucky introduction. When it seems as if nothing else could possibly happen, Brooks throws in another stunning revelation. This is my first title by Brooks and her style is pleasurable to read, easy to follow and filled with many twists and turns to keep the story engaging

7th August 2019 |