Review: Redeemed Through Love
KevStel Publications
October 2019
Christian Fiction
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell| RATING:  A+
REVIEW: The Danjuma family has become one of my favorite book families. Not only have we been introduced to this family through the creative artistry of author, Unoma Nwankwor, but we have also been rewarded with a view of Mother Africa that is unforgettable. REDEEMED THROUGH LOVE is the last book of this series, and we get to meet Halima Danjuma, the only sister of the Danjuma brothers (by their father and a different mother). Even though Halima grew up practicing the Muslim faith, she is dearly loved and fully accepted by her three Christian brothers. What is more, her true love, Ekene Odili, the Danjuma family lawyer, is also a practicing Christian. A bit of a dilemma? Yes, and it becomes a very intricate part of Halima’s journey.

One of the most exhilarating aspects of this story is Africa as a backdrop for this romantic story. From Abuja, Nigeria to Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, the author’s descriptions are flawless. Halima is a business woman, and she runs the family’s successful business. Doing this has led to Halima’s personal journey of discovering her own voice and capabilities. I like this character because she is so humanly honest with flaws and all. She not only is determined to break away from the safety net of being the only female of the powerful Danjuma family, but also from the binding confines of the Muslim religion which no longer apply to her quest for a life that fulfills her. Her Muslim  pre-arranged betrothal to another man as his second wife weighs heavily on our heroine. Her heart belongs to Ekene, and she begins to question her Muslim upbringing, and its tenets. Who can she turn to, and who can help her with her growing questions of faith and freedom? That’s the heart and soul of this story, and author, Unoma Nwankwor masterfully weaves a story of redemption, forgiveness, and God’s love without being preachy.

The side characters are significant in helping to move the storyline along. The Dajuma brothers, and their wives are prominent in their roles of offering support and advice to the heroine and hero. At the other end of the spectrum stands her mother and her betrothed, Danladi Usman who vigorously oppose the heroine’s pursuit of independence. The HEA is wonderful and leaves the reader with a sense of fulfillment and hope. Another great feature of this book is that the author includes a glossary of Islamic terms used in the story and an enunciation key of characters’ names. Kudos!

REDEEMED THROUGH LOVE is a powerful story, and I highly recommend it. In a previous review of Book 3, MENDED WITH LOVE, I stated that it was my favorite story of the series. Well, REDEEMED THROUGH LOVE has bumped that story to number two. I also recommend the other stories of the Danjumas, A SCOOP OF LOVE, ANCHORED By LOVE, and MENDED WITH LOVE.

1st November 2019 |