Review: Ready For The Rancher
Harlequin Desire

October 2019
Category Romance
REVIEWER: Shirley Fleming | RATING:  A
REVIEW:  Secrets have a way of coming out no matter how long they’ve been hidden. Ryan Washington finds this out when she begins a ‘no-strings’ relationship with Adam Breedlove. Adam is an old friend of Ryan’s brother, Dennis. When Ryan and Adam meet, Ryan is suspicious because she is very aware of her brother’s deceitful nature. All become clear once Dennis is hired by Adam to work for his company. Overhearing a conversation between Dennis and one of his cronies, Ryan's suspicions are confirmed. Dennis and his friend are planning to dupe Adam and, in the process, ruin his company’s reputation. Ryan is distraught to learn that she is right about her brother. What should she do? Dennis is her brother, but she can’t allow him to steal from the man she loves. In the end, she decides to get evidence of his duplicity before going to Adam. Will it ruin her relationship with Adam? Ryan is torn, but she has to do the right thing, no matter the cost.

Adam Breedlove is the vice president of research and development for CANN International, his family’s company, but he is also a wealthy rancher with a successful cow breeding business. Adam is a straight arrow and abhors dishonesty, especially when it comes to his business practices. Ryan Washington is a delightful young woman who has her head on straight and knows what she wants for her future. She wants to help others by treating patients as a whole; body, mind, and spirit. So, despite her family’s disapproval, she opens her own Naturopathy business.

READY FOR THE RANCHER is a good book and well written. It has a great storyline, and several things are going on. This page-turner is fraught with secrets that go back twenty years; infidelity, verbal blackmail, unnecessary cruelty, intrigue, and love to round everything out. All of the characters are likable and well developed. The pacing is excellent, and the story flows smoothly. At first glance, Adam and Ryan seem to be an unlikely pair, with Ryan being a vegetarian and Adam a cow breeder with plans to open a processing plant. The attraction between Adam and Ryan is unstoppable, but secrets are dangerous and have the potential to destroy their relationship. On the other hand, anything is possible with two people when love is involved. As usual, the author does a fantastic job of bringing it all together.

READY FOR THE RANCHER is another sizzling entry into the Sin City Secrets Series set in Las Vegas. It was an exciting story, and I enjoyed reading it. Ryan and Adam were dynamite together! I would definitely recommend it to other readers.

11th December 2019 |