Review: Love's Required
She Loves Words

January 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: LOVE’S REQUIRED is a well-written story that spotlights two persons who seek wholeness from broken places brought on by totally different circumstances. Camille “Cami” Douglass and Logan Graham, aka Angel, have issues that bring them to the realization that in order to move on together, they must first understand and accept that love of self, forgiveness, and acceptance are required.

Talented author, Aja, presents an engaging character study of two individuals who, for different reasons, are at a crossroad. It is completely up to Camille and Logan to dig deep inside themselves so that they can live peaceably with themselves and others. The heart and soul of this story is the introspective journey that Camille and Logan take to finally see that proverbial light at the end of the dark tunnel. While Camille’s angst is brought on by the self-inflicting choices she makes with one Jay Taylor, Logan’s ordeal is caused by the life and death circumstances that he experiences as a paramedic. Kudos to Aja as she completely involves the reader in the conflicts that haunt the protagonists. The story grabs you from the opening pages to the last chapter. Yet, with all this going on with the heroine and hero, there is still room for romance. Logan and Camille are surrounded by couples, friends and family, who set the example for what they desire.

Speaking of friends, some familiar characters from previous books make appearances. Amara and Noah (
I AM YOURS) are now primary secondary characters who listen and offer advice to Camille and Logan. Maya and Roman Newsome (The Unexpected Series 1 & 2) also are present as well as Stacy and Quentin Edwards (THE PURSUIT). The HEA is wonderfully revealed, and it will without a doubt bring a smile to your face.

I like this story. It’s a powerful statement of how two flawed people who realize the power of love and find their redemption in it.
LOVE’S REQUIRED is an engaging and compelling story. I highly recommend it.

25th January 2019 |