Review: Lost And Found Again
LOST AND FOUND - Colette Miller Watkins
Garden Avenue Press

June 2019
Contemporaru Romance
REVIEWER: Janet Caldwell | RATING: B+
REVIEW: A couple makes eye contact across a crowded room several times during the night. Body language implies obvious mutual admiration. Unfortunately, conflicting social commitments for the evening interfere with their ability meet.  Secretly they each regret the missed opportunity.

Skip ahead twenty years and our two long distance gawkers meet again. What’s to stop them from exploring the attraction that still exists between them? The ghosts of failed relationships past who appear to wreak havoc on our leading characters.

Now both middle-aged, Suzanne Fowler is the director of global meetings and events for a multi-national manufacturer in Chicago and Dr. Gregory “Greg” Reed, a millionaire inventor and computer guru, owns Reed Enterprises, an investment and technology company in Atlanta. Greg returns to his alma mater in Chicago for a board meeting where he first observed Suzanne decades ago. Suzanne is another event by a friend which is coincidently in the same building.  As fate would have it, they spot each other and there was an immediate reconnection.

What follows is a touching story of mature love between two strong, independent, career focused individuals that have an undeniably strong connection that can’t be ignored. Greg recently ended a long-term relationship with a woman who enjoyed his money more than him.  Suzanne is celibate and in no hurry to enter into a relationship and particularly one where her unwavering independence could be compromised. Greg admires Suzanne’s independence and high-profile career which assures him that she isn’t another gold digger.

Suzanne and Greg live and work in different cities, therefore, after much discussion, they agree to attempt a long-distance romance and split their time between Chicago and Atlanta. Other characters impacting this story include, Suzanne’s friend Gayla, her family and Greg’s mother.

I enjoyed Watkins’ treatment of mature love - a topic ignored in this genre.
LOST AND FOUND AGAIN a tasteful story with just enough heat to let the world know love has no age limits.

1st August 2019 |