Review: Let Me Please You
LET ME PLEASE YOU - Alexandria House
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February 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: REVIEW: Followers of the fictional McClain Family have been thoroughly entertained with stories that highlight those fine McClain Brothers: Everett, Leland, Nolan, and Neil. However, one McClain sibling, their sister, Kathryn “Kat” McClain was left without a story of her own. The readers requested, and the author responded. Thank you, Alexandria House for listening to your followers, and allowing us to get to know this amazing McClain woman. Not only does Kat’s story capture her love and unapologetic loyalty for her family, but it also gives us a look at a successful entrepreneur, manager, and a woman who deserves to have the love of a good, trustworthy man.

Kat is separated from her philandering husband, Wayne. If you recall, at a family cookout, Kat, totally fed up with Wayne’s cheating went ballistic, and jumped on him, because he gave her a STD and had to be pulled off by her brothers, Everett and Leland (
LET ME HOLD YOU). When her story opens, Kat is frustrated because Wayne refuses to sign divorce papers. We learn a lot about their failed marriage from their back story. For example, the reason Kat never changed her name when she and Wayne married. Kat is ready to put that marriage behind her and concentrate on her future which presently includes Tomas W.E. Kirby, aka Tommy, the head bodyguard and protector of the McClains. Tommy and Kat have something hot and heavy going on. We found this out in LET ME SHOW YOU when Kat and Tommy were caught hugged up in the hall against a wall at Everett’s home. LET ME PLEASE YOU chronicles Tomas and Kathryn’s love journey, and I love their story. Tommy’s backstory is revealed in this novella, and it’s impressive. We know him as the top bodyguard for the McClains, specifically assigned to Kat and Leland, but believe me, he has so much more going for himself.

The McClain clan is present and accounted for, and the family is growing. Yes, Uncle Lee Chester is on the scene and amusing us with his ‘special’ way with words like “Lezbeen” and “Sectional”. You’ll get it when you read the story. The stand-out side character in this compelling novella is Aunt Everlena, the aunt who stepped up to parent the McClain siblings when their parents died. Aunt Ever, as the family calls her, is the steadfast, solid-as-a-rock aunt who has the gift of knowing exactly what to say at just the right time. I like Tommy’s mother also who can never get Everett’s, aka Big South, show-biz name correct.

The HEA is wonderful!
LET ME PLEASE YOU is a quick, captivating and engaging read, and I recommend it. There are emotional moments, comical moments, as well as hot and steamy, romantic moments; all successfully packed into this well-written novella. Not familiar with the McClain family? Well, I highly recommend the books in this order that feature them: LET ME LOVE YOU, LET ME HOLD YOU, LET ME SHOW YOU, and LET ME FREE YOU. Add LET ME PLEASE YOU to the list and enjoy. Let me assure you; you will not be disappointed.

5th March 2019 |